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Texas Instruments UCC25800

UCC25800-Q1 Open-Loop LLC Transformer Driver for Isolated Bias Supplies


TopologieLLC Resonanzwandler
Eingangsspannung24 V
Schaltfrequenz100-1200 kHz
Ausgang 115 V / 0.14 A


These isolated gate drivers require their isolated bias supplies to be low cost, high reliability, low EMI, and immune to high CMTI (Common Mode Transient Immunity). UCC25800open-loop LLC transformer driver is designed to meet these design challenges and provides a robust, costeffective, and low EMI solution for isolated gate driver bias. This application note introduces the LLC topologyand the benefits of using LLC for isolated gate driver bias supplies. It also provides the design guidelines tosimplify the design process.


  • Open-Loop LLC transformer driver
  • Ultra-low EMI
  • 9-V ~ 34-V supply range
  • 6-W output power with 24-V input
  • Resistor programmable switching frequency from 100 kHz to 1.2 MHz
  • Synchronization to external clock
  • Programmable maximum dead-time with automatic dead-time adjustment
  • Under voltage lockout
  • Adjustable over-current protection threshold
  • External disable function
  • Input over voltage protection
  • Over temperature protection (TSD)
  • Fault-code output for system intelligence
  • Latched and fault-auto-restart versions available
  • 8-Pin DGN package with thermal pad

Typische Anwendungen

  • Automotive traction inverter,IGBT and SiC gate driver bias, Automotive DC/DC, automotive on-board charger, EV charging station, automotive super charger, UPS and solar inverters, Industrial motors, elevators, and escalators.

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