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Renesas ISL70002

Intersil’s Radiation Hardened FPGA Power Solutions


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The evolution of rad hard power solutions are being driven by changes implemented in the commercial market which have proven to provide higher efficiency and better performance. Space power is gradually adapting the distributed power architecture which dominates commercial power systems. Benefits of this architecture include reduction of distribution losses, improvement in regulation performance and a solution that can be modular. Another contribution that aids in the definition of radiation hardened power IC’s is the rapid qualification and/or development of high performance digital components for space applications such as FPGA’s and microprocessors. These digital IC’s rival commercial counterparts in computing performance, low supply voltage and increased power consumption. Couple-in the need for a smaller, light-weight power solution and you will find Intersil at the forefront developing leading edge point-of-load (POL) regulators that meet the demands of today’s space applications.This application note discusses the VIRTEX5MEZPWREV1Z board, Intersil’s reference design to power FPGA's in a radiation hardened environment. This particular board is optimized to power a Xilinx’s Virtex-5 FPGA and features the ISL70001SRH and ISL70002SRH, rad hard POL buck regulators along with the ISL75051RH rad hard LDO.

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