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Navitas Semiconductor Inc NV6117 | Demoboard NVE028B-A

65 W USB PD (Type-C) Demo Board


Eingangsspannung90-264 V
Schaltfrequenz140-490 kHz
Ausgang 120 V / 3.25 A


This demo board uses one NV6115 and one NV6117 GaN Power ICs in an Active Clamp Flyback (ACF) AC-DC converter, for applications such as smartphone, tablet, and laptop chargers with USB Power Delivery (USB-PD) capability. The NV6115 and NV6117 are 650V 160 mΩ and 110 mΩ eMode GaN Power IC with iDrive™ integrated-driver stage respectively, each requiring only a low-current digital input.This board achieves world smallest size (51 x 43 x 20.5 mm cased) and breakthrough power density (1.5W/cc, 24 W/in3 cased). The switching frequency is adjustable in range of 140-490 kHz for universal AC input. The design is fully compliant with European CoC Tier 2 and US DoE Level VI efficiency standards, in addition to reaching peak efficiencies of over 94% at full load.Note: The demo board runs to 65 W (20 V, 3.25 A) assuming a captive cable. USB-PD protocol limits type-C receptacle current to 3 A.

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