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IC-Hersteller Monolithic Power Systems

Monolithic Power Systems EV4030-S-00A

108Vac~132Vac/60Hz, 21Vo/350mA Primary-side-control with Active PFC Off-line Dimmable LED Driver Evaluation Board


Eingangsspannung108-132 V
Ausgang 121 V / 0.35 A


The EV4030-S-00A Evaluation Board is designed to demonstrate the capabilities of MP4030. The MP4030 is a primary-side-control offline LED lighting controller which can achieve high power factor and accurate current for Triac dimmable LED lighting application. It works inboundary conduction mode for reducing the MOSFET and Diode switching losses.

The EV4030-S-00A is typically designed for driving a 7.5W Triac dimmable LED bulb with 21VTYP, 350mA LED load from 108VAC to 132VAC, 60Hz.

The EV4030-S-00A has an excellent efficiency and meets IEC61547 surge immunity, IEC61000-3-2 Class C harmonics and EN55015 conducted EMI requirements. It has multi-protection function as over-voltage protection, short-circuit protection, cycle by cycle current limit, etc.


  • Fast Start up
  • Triac Dimmable, with 1% to 100% dimming
  • range and the dimming curve meets standard SSL6
  • Real current control without secondaryfeedback circuit
  • Unique architecture for superior line regulation
  • High power factor>0.95 over 108Vac to 132Vac
  • Boundary conduction mode improves efficiency
  • Input UVLO
  • Cycle-by-cycle current limit
  • Over-voltage protection (OVP)
  • Short-circuit protection (SCP)
  • Over-temperature protection (OTP)
  • Fit inside PAR20 bulb enclosure

Remarks:L1=L2=4.7mH L3=1.8mH And T1=1.92mH UsedRefer page no.5

Typische Anwendungen

  • Residential Lighting
  • Solid State Lighting
  • Industrial & Commercial Lighting

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