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IC-Hersteller Infineon Technologies

Infineon Technologies XMC4400

XMC 750 Watt Motor Control Application Kit 3-Phase drives evaluation with galvanic isolation


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This document describes the features and hardware details of the “3 Phase Power Inverter 750W V1.2” which is designed to work with Infineon’s DriveCards. DriveCards are microcontroller boards with isolated debuginterface best suited for motor control applications. This power board together with two drive cards (KIT_XMC1300_DC_V1 and KIT_XMC4400_DC_V1) is included in the XMC Motor Control Application Kit KIT_XMC750WATT_AK_V1.


  • 3 Phase Power Inverter 750W V1.2 (schematic 2016/50, board 2013/45)− Power supply with line filter, NTC bypass relay and PFC circuitry− 3 phase bridge realized with discrete IGBTs (IKD10N60R)− Integrated gate driver with integrated boot strap diodes and protection features (6EDL04I06NT)− PFC control via control IC (ICE3PCS02), MCU or disabled− PFC overcurrent protection fully realized in hardware− On-board power supply for control components (15V and 5V) with flyback controller (ICE3RBR4765JG)− Voltage dividers for DC-link and inverter output voltage measurement (e.g. for motor back EMF detection)− Current sensing circuitry for
  • PFC
  • DC-link current (single shunt measurement)
  • Low side inverter leg currents (emitter shunt measurement)− Auxiliary power board connector for optional inverter card
  • Drive Card XMC1300− XMC1302 (ARM® Cortex™-M0-based) Microcontroller, 200 kByte on-chip Flash, TSSOP38− 1 set of combined hall sensor and encoder interfaces− Potentiometer− Isolated Debug Interface
  • Drive Card XMC4400− XMC4400 (ARM® Cortex™-M4-based) Microcontroller, 512 kByte on-chip Flash, LQFP100− 2 sets of combined hall sensor and encoder interfaces− Multi feedback interface connectors for connection of resolver circuitry, UART, SPI, I2C, USB, etc− Potentiometer− Isolated Debug Interface

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