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IC-Hersteller Infineon Technologies

Infineon Technologies ICE3AR4780CJZ | Demoboard AN-EVAL-3AR4780CJZ

5V 12W SMPS evaluation board with ICE3AR4780CJZ


Eingangsspannung85-282 V
Ausgang 15 V / 2.4 A


The EVAL-3AR4780CJZ demo board is a low cost off-line flyback switch mode power supply (SMPS) using the ICE3AR4780CJZ integrated power IC from the CoolSET™-F3R80CCM family. The circuit, shown in Figure 3, details a 5V, 12W power supply that operates from an AC line input voltage range of 85Vac to 282Vac and brownout detect/reset voltage is 65/85Vac, suitable for applications in enclosed adapter or open frame auxiliary power supply for different system such as PC, server, DVD, LED TV, Set-top box, etc.


  • 800V avalanche rugged CoolMOS™ with Start-up Cell
  • Active Burst Mode for lowest Standby Power
  • Slope compensation for CCM operation
  • Selectable entry and exit burst mode level
  • 100kHz internally fixed switching frequency with jittering feature
  • Auto Restart Protection for Over load, Open Loop, VCC Under voltage & Over voltage and Over temperature
  • External latch enable pin and fast AC reset
  • Over temperature protection with 50°C hysteresis
  • Built-in 10ms Soft Start
  • Built-in 40ms blanking time for short duration peak power
  • Propagation delay compensation for both maximum load and burst mode
  • Brownout feature
  • BiCMOS technology for low power consumption and wide VCC voltage range
  • Soft gate drive with 50Ω turn on resistor