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IC-Hersteller Infineon Technologies

Infineon Technologies ICE2QS03G

15 W 5 V charger reference design with 700 V CoolMOS™ P7


Eingangsspannung85-265 V
Schaltfrequenz55-110 kHz
Ausgang 15 V / 3 A
IC-RevisionAN_201702_PL52_014 Rev 1.0


AN_201702_PL52_01415 W 5 V charger reference design with 700 VCoolMOS™ P7EVAL_15W_5V_FLYB_P7 using IPS70R1K4P7S, ICE2QS03G, BSC067N06LS3 GThis document introduces a 15 Whigh efficiency USB charger reference design with a 5 V output voltage using the QR PWM IC ICE2QS03G with CoolMOSTM IPS70R1K4P7S (IPAK SL) and a secondary side synchronous rectification IC with OptiMOSTM BSC067N06LS3 G (SuperSO8) in a small formfactor, high efficiency and variousprotections for a highly reliable system.


  • 500V startup cell for IC self power supply during various states,
  • digital frequency reduction with decreasing load for higher efficiency
  • active burst mode operation for ultra-low standby power (<1W @ 0.5W load)
  • cycle by cylce peak current limitation, maximum output power limitation with input voltage compensation
  • extensive protection features to protect the IC and the system from various fault conditions e.g. output OVP latch, VCC OVP/UVP, OLP, Output OVP, Short-winding, etc.

Typische Anwendungen

  • Set-Top-Boxes for Satellite and Cable services etc.
  • SMPS applications such as LCD/PDP TV, color TV, DVD/ Adapters

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