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Infineon Technologies BCR602 | Demoboard DEMO_BCR602_60V_ICTRL

Engineering report for a 60 V, 200 mA linear LED controller demonstration board


TopologieSonstige Topologie
Eingangsspannung8-60 V
Ausgang 10.2 A


This is an engineering report for a 60 V, 200 mA linear LED driver demonstration board. This document containsthe technical specification for the LED driver, a description of the main features, circuit and layout descriptions, as well as the measurement results.In this application a MOSFET controlled by a BCR602 is used as an LED driver for constant current control. The board can also be equipped with a BJT. BCR602 regulates the LED current using a power transistor. The LED current is fully scalable by dimensioning an external Current Sense (CS) resistor. BCR602 suppresses the voltage ripple of the power supply, driving a constant LED current for better light quality. The LED current can be dimmed by a resistor Rset as well as by analog PWM voltages connected to the Multi-Function Input Output (MFIO) pin. The embedded hot plug protection allows plug in and plug out of any LED load during operation. The LED current level is configured to 200 mA and is tested using alternative configurations up to 1.0 A by connecting up to three current sense resistors at the VSENSE pin. The shunt resistors define the maximum LED current tested down to an effective resistor combination of R11, R12 and R13 of 267 mΩ. The voltage drop at the VSENSE pin caused by the shunt resistors is 400 mV, or in case of dimming less, improving the overall system efficiency and providing extra voltage headroom to compensate for tolerances of LED forward voltage or supply voltage. A smart Over-Temperature Protection (OTP) function reduces the LED current when the junction temperature of BCR602 gets too high.

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