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Infineon Technologies 1ED020I12-B2 | Demoboard F3L75R12W1H3_B27

Evaluation Board for F3L75R12W1H3_B27 3-Level NPC2 module with 1ED020I12-B2 gate driver


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Three level inverters are widely used for a variety of industrial applications like string inverters, UPS applications, electric drives and power supplies. This application note explains the evaluation board based on Infineon’s 3-level EasyPACK module F3L75R12W1H3_B27 and gate driver 1ED020I12-B2.This evaluation board integrates the gate driver, driver power supply and protection features like short circuit protection, active clamping, isolated temperature sensing, inbuilt over temperature protection and also features current sensing. The purpose behind developing the evaluation board is to help the designers to accelerate the development process.The board is available from Infineon in small quantities. The datasheet of the IGBT module is available in the website. The information provided here enables the customers to copy, modify and qualify the design for production, according to their own specific requirements.The design of the evaluation board was performed with respect to the environmental conditions described in this document. The requirements of lead-free reflow soldering have been considered during component selection. The design was tested as described in this document, but not qualified regarding manufacturing, lifetime or over the full ambient operating conditions.The boards provided by Infineon are subjected to functional testing only.Due to their purpose, evaluation boards are not subjected to the same procedures regarding Returned Material Analysis (RMA), Process Change Notification (PCN) and Product Discontinuation (PD) as regular products.See Legal Disclaimer and Warnings for further restrictions on Infineon’s warranty and liability.


  • Isolation between control section and IGBT section utilizing coreless transformer technology.
  • Basic isolation according to DIN EN 60747-5-2 is achieved. For further details, please refer to the gate driver IC datasheet.
  • Short circuit protection
  • Active clamping provided for all the switches.
  • Active Miller Clamp.
  • Isolated temperature monitoring.
  • Integrated and fully isolated 4W power supply for each IGBT driver card.
  • Additional totem pole transistors for higher gate current of up to 10A peak.
  • Under voltage lock out protection for gate driver’s input and output section.
  • Inbuilt adjustable over temperature trip.
  • Short circuit protection toff< 6μs.
  • Hall-effect based current sensor for output current measurement.
  • Integrated fault output signal from the power card.
  • The whole system doesn’t have any electrolytic capacitor in the design. However, provision for mounting electrolytic capacitors / film capacitors is provided in the DC Bus.
  • Can be easily adapted to either three-phase or single-phase system for power levels 5kW to25kW.
  • Driver input compatible with 3.3V or 5V CMOS signal levels.
  • Gate drive card is modular and can be adapted to similar IGBTs.

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