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Analog Devices ADP1828HC

20 A Evaluation Board for Step-Down DC-to-DC Controller


Eingangsspannung6-18 V
Schaltfrequenz300-600 kHz
Ausgang 11.8 V / 20 A


The ADP1828 is a synchronous PWM voltage mode buck controller. It drives an all N-channel power stage to regulate an output voltage as low as 0.6 V to 85% of the input voltage and is sized to handle large MOSFETs for point-of-load regulators. The ADP1828 is ideal for a wide range of high power applications, such as DSP and processor core I/O power, as well as general-purpose power in telecommunications, medical imaging, PC,gaming, and industrial applications. It operates from an input voltage of 3 V to 18 V with an internal LDO that generates a 5 V output for a VIN of 5.5 V to 18 V.

The ADP1828 operates at a pin-selectable, fixed switching frequency of either 300 kHz or 600 kHz, or at any frequency between 300 kHz and 600 kHz if a resistor is used. The frequency can also be synchronized to an external clock up to 2× the switching frequency. The clock output can be used for synchronizing the ADP1828 or another part, such the ADP1829, thus eliminating the need for an external clock source. The ADP1828 includes soft start protection (to limit inrush current from the input supply during startup), reverse current protection during soft start for a precharged output, voltage tracking, power good, as well as an adjustable lossless current-limit scheme utilizing external MOSFET sensing. The ADP1828 is offered in a 20-lead QSOP package.


Remarks:Table 5. Suggestions of Power Components for Other ConfigurationsRefer page no.8

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