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IC-Hersteller ADI Power by Linear

ADI Power by Linear LT3091 | Demoboard DC2276A

–36V, 1.5A Negative Linear Regulator with Programmable Current Limit


TopologieSonstige Topologie
Eingangsspannung-1.5 - -36 V
Ausgang 1-32 V / -1.5 A


Demonstration circuit DC2276A is a 1.5A low dropoutnegative linear regulator featuring the LT®3091. This deviceis designed for applications requiring negative output voltage,high current without a heat sink, output adjustabilityto zero and low dropout voltage.The LT3091 features fast transient response, high PSRRand output noise as low as 18μVRMS. The LT3091 generatesa wide output voltage range (0V to –32V) while maintainingunity gain operation. This yields virtually constantbandwidth, load regulation, PSRR and noise, independentof the programmed output voltage.The LT3091 supplies 1.5A at a typical dropout voltage of300mV. Operating quiescent current is nominally 1.2mAand drops to <<1μA in shutdown. A single resistor adjuststhe LT3091’s precision programmable current limit. TheLT3091’s positive or negative current monitor eitherBoard Photosources a current (0.25mA/A) or sinks a current (0.5mA/A)proportional to output current.Built-in protection includes reverse output protection,internal current limit with foldback and thermal shutdownwith hysteresis.DC2276A uses the LT3091EDE which is a 14-lead (4mmx 3mm) plastic DFN package with an exposed pad on thebottom side of the IC for better thermal performance.These features make DC2276A an ideal circuit for surfacemountpower supplies, rugged industrial power supplies,low output voltage supplies and as a post regulator forswitching supplies.

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