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Component Libraries

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Altium, Eagle, LTspice and Much More

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We offer you a wide variety of CAD, EDA and simulation models so that you can layout your PCB or simulate your circuit. From CAD files to EDA models to application-specific simulation models, everything is available to you free of charge. No registration is required for use. 

Your advantage: You not only get components directly from the manufacturer, but also simulation files based on real measured values and EDA models based on industry standards.

In our worldwide laboratories the measurements and determination of electrical values and data take place under real conditions. In addition, we offer you detailed guidelines for simulation files in which you will learn how to integrate and use the models.

At a Glance

Our Component Libraries

We Offer the Following Component Libraries

Electrical Simulation Models
  • LTspice
  • PSpice
  • Spectre
  • S-Parameter
CAD Files
  • STEP
  • IGES
  • 3D
EDA Models
  • Altium Designer
  • KiCad (coming soon)
  • Cadence OrCAD and Allegro
  • Zuken CAD-Star
RF & Microwave Simulation Model

Already There for You

Libraries Directly in LTspice

Fast Simulation, Fast Model Placement

Simulation speed matters. But the time required for finding, downloading and installing models is often overlooked. Most Würth Elektronik components are already at your fingertips directly in the LTspice software. Most Würth Elektronik part numbers can be found in the standard inductor, capacitor or ferrite bead libraries, or in the LTspice Contrib directory.  Alternately, models will continue to also be available on our website.

Don’t Start from Scratch – We Already Did
For applications with special considerations, we already did the hard work.  In addition to libraries, we offer a growing number of application-based schematics, files, videos and information that delve deeper into topics such as EMC filters, power factor correction, LISN simulation and surge generation.

More information, additional resources, and complete LTspice model libraries can be found on our LTspice page. Simulate with ease.

High Performance Models for High Frequency Applications

Ansys Models Now Available

EMC lab testing is very expensive. It is doubly expensive when the result is an unexpected test failure. This is why electromagnetic field simulation softwares are becoming ever more important. We have a growing portfolio of highly-detailed models for Ansys High Frequency Simulation Software (HFSS), to assist in the modeling of electromagnetic radiation and interference before you commit to lab testing. Models are available for RF inductors, antennas, filter chokes, SMA connectors, shielding materials and more.

Easy to use

Libraries in Altium Designer

Speed up your design process by using our comprehensive component library for Altium Designer. The library is packed with ready-to-use models with lots of data, so there is no need to spend hours creating component models from scratch. This allows you to focus on the details of your design process without the hassle of manually creating those models.

New footprints, symbols and models are constantly added to Würth Elektronik's Altium database, in dblib and intlib file formats.

To keep up to date with the database data, use a Git-hub tool for easy cloning of the library files. Our altium libraries can be found on this GitHub repository:

Pull the actual libraries with GitHub

For more information with step-by-step explanations, see the following user manual:

Download user guide now

Easy to Find

Two Ways to Find and Download Part Libraries


Use the various categories in the online catalog and navigate to the desired product series. Then you can download the libraries in the article table.

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Search Function

Use the search function in the online catalog and download the libraries directly from the search results.