Krone harvester harvesting field in sunset with central electric in foreground

Compact power supply allows reduced cabling

Compact power supply allows reduced cabling

Two Development Approaches - Two Success Stories

Long-term Partnership Between Würth Elektronik ICS and Maschinenfabrik Bernard Krone

The agricultural machinery manufacturer Krone wanted to redesign the driver's cabs of two self-propelled vehicles. To this end, Würth Elektronik ICS developed a concept for a compact power supply unit with electronic control functions that replaced two central electrical units and reduced the high amount of cabling required.

Basic idea of the concept:
  • One central electrical system with the same circuit board basis for both vehicle series
  • Individual assembly of the printed circuit boards with components
  •  Electronic CAN control for individual requirements


The following solutions from Würth Elektronik ICS were used:
  • Central electrics equipped with ICCS 88P CAN controller for fuse monitoring and relay control as well as for the connection of binary and analog sensors via CAN bus
  • Customized REDline Power Box Medium for power supply and fuse protection of additional consumers in the tractors
Setup of the central electrical unit for the customer Krone with ICCS 88P CAN controller

The structure of the central electrical system with ICCS 88P CAN controller

Image source Krone/Würth Elektronik ICS

The REDline Power Box Medium Houses the Decentralised Power Supply, Fuse Protection and Controls for KRONE’s Towed Machines.

REDline Power Box Medium mit zwei Agrarmaschinen im Hintergrund

More About the Product Solutions Used

Other Successfully Implemented Projects

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    For the Terra Felis 3, the world’s most modern beet cleaning loader, Würth Elektronik ICS developed a central electrical system that sets new standards.

  • Three versions of the REDline Power Box Hybrid

    Smart Box for a Leaner Wiring Harness

    Our reference project shows how we developed three different versions of the REDline Power Box Hybrid with customer-specific printed circuit boards.

  • NORDAC LINK motor starter SK 155E-FDS open with SKW connectors

    Simple, Reversible and Space-saving

    Würth Elektronik ICS has created an optimal connecting solution for Getriebebau NORD using SKEDD technology to granted valuable freedom in component design.