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WE-TEMA Toroidal EMI MnZn Suppression Ferrite


  • Core made of MnZn, good option for EMI suppression
  • UL coated
  • High permeability
  • Operating temperature: -50 °C up to +150 °C
  • AEC-Q200
  • Automotive approved


  • Automotive wiring harness
  • Data and signal lines
  • Multimedia cable interfaces


EV EMI suppression

EMC noise cancellation for new EV & HEV applications

The rising electrification of motor vehicles is inevitably accompanied by an increase in electromagnetic interference. The use of cable ferrites can significantly reduce these in electric and hybrid vehicles, whether interference signals on lines or electromagnetic field coupling effects. High-performance inductive materials in cable ferrites significantly improve EMC performance. Standard ferrite cable core suppression elements in axial as well in toroidal form are suitable for a wide range of applications with medium and high frequencies. For higher frequencies, these contain a magnesium component. A very wide frequency range is covered by cable ferrites with a new nanocrystalline material (NC).

Applications matrix

We offer the complete frequency range

Würth Elektronik cable ferrites are designed to work in all different frequency ranges with best attenuation.

It is essential for the following automotive applications:

  • In EMI suppression against Inverter spikes
  • Attenuate EMI noise induced by the rotor of the electric motor
  • Minimize NVH (Noise vibrations harshness) in the EMC spectrum at power train
  • Special EMI suppression for the junction box interconnections