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WP-SMSH REDCUBE SMT with external thread with Pin


  • SMT Power Elements combine the advantages of SMT mounting in conjunction with high current technology. The parts can be mounted fully automatically from the reel to the circuit board with all other SMT components.
Operating Temperature-55 up to +150 °C
Electrical Properties
IR50 A
Packaging Properties
PackagingBulk; Tape and Reel
General Information
Packaging Unit500


REDCUBE Terminals - Innovative High Power Contacts

REDCUBE Terminals - 4power!

REDCUBE terminals are the most reliable high-power contacts on the PCB level. Low contact resistance guarantees minimum self-heating. Four different designs cover all leading processing technologies and offer a wide range of applications.


  • Flexibility in processing and connection technologies
  • Highest current ratings up to 500 A
  • Board-to-Board and Wire-to-Board solutions
  • Extremely low self-heating
  • Robust mechanical connection

Applications, Characteristics & Design


REDCUBE SMD and THR are the result of the growing demand in electronic market: high current technology in combination with fully automated, timesaving processing.

  • High current Wire-to-Board & Board-to-Board connections
  • Angled assembling of cable, PCB or housing

Impressive Characteristics

A large connecting area of REDCUBE SMD achieves a low contact resistance and best holding forces. The small size of REDCUBE SMD allows a high packing density without critical heat development on the PCB.

  • Simple and fast automated assembly
  • High packing density
  • Efficient and timesaving soldering process
  • Angled assembling of cable, PCB or housing
  • Tape & Reel

Special Design

REDCUBE THR have a special design for best soldering results. Milling from solid material the torques are significant better compared to stamped contacts. REDCUBE THR have the highest ampacity of fully automatically processed high-current components.

  • Optimal current distribution in multilayer applications
  • Fully automated reflow soldering
  • High mechanical stability
  • Low profile
  • Tape & Reel
  • Low heat development


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