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Development Kit Horticulture LEDs

Order Code 150001


  • With MagI3C Power Module 172 946 001
  • Intensity of each channel can be adjusted individually (dimming 0 - 100%)
  • APP "WEilluminate" to perform dimming
  • PWM dimming method – controlled by PIC16F1527microcontroller. Dimming profiles and colors can be stored
  • Horticulture LED panel for plant grow with Deep Blue, Hyper Red, Far Red and White and up to 30umol/s output
  • Conducted and radiated EMI compliant (EN55015)
  • Good thermal behavior


  • The 2 in 1 Lighting Development Kit provides an easy solution to either mix RGBW color for different lighting situations or amplify the growth of plants with the horticulture panel.

HortiCoolture. LED it grow!

New horticultural products from the high power ceramic series. Specially chosen wavelengths increase photosynthesis, optimizing plant development and growth.

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