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ON Semiconductor FAN9611 | Demoboard FEBFAN9611_S388V1

FAN9611 400-W Interleaved Dual-BCM PFC Controller


Topology Power Factor Correction
Input voltage 85-264 V
Switching frequency 525 kHz
Output 1 400 V / 1 A
IC revision 0.0.6


The FAN9611 interleaved, dual Boundary-Conduction-Mode (BCM), Power-Factor- Correction (PFC) controllers operate two parallel-connected boost power trains 180º out of phase. Interleaving extends the maximum practical power level of the control technique from about 300W to greater than 800W. Unlike the Continuous Conduction Mode (CCM) technique often used at higher power levels, BCM offers inherent zero- current switching of the boost diodes (no reverse-recovery losses), which permits the use of less expensive diodes without sacrificing efficiency. Furthermore, the input and output filters can be smaller due to ripple current cancellation between the power trains and doubling of effective switching frequency.The advanced line feed-forward with peak detection circuit minimizes the output voltage variation during line transients. To guarantee stable operation with less switching loss at light load, the maximum switching frequency is clamped at 525kHz. Synchronization is maintained under all operating conditions.Protection functions include output over-voltage, over-current, open-feedback, under- voltage lockout, brownout, and redundant latching over-voltage protection. FAN9611 is available in a lead-free, 16-lead, Small-Outline Integrated-Circuit (SOIC) package. This FAN9611 evaluation board uses a four-layer Printed Circuit Board (PCB) designed for 400W (400V/1A) rated power.Thanks to the phase management, the efficiency is maintained above 96% at low-line and high-line, even down to 10% of the rated output power. Efficiency is 96.4% at line voltage Vac and 98.2% at 230 Vac under full-load conditions.


180° Out-of-Phase Synchronization Automatic Phase Disable at Light Load 1.8A Sink, 1.0A Source, High-Current Gate Drivers  Transconductance (g M) Error Amplifier for Reduced OvershootVoltage-Mode Control with (V IN) 2Feed-Forward Closed-Loop Soft-Start with Programmable Soft-Start Time for Reduced Overshoot Minimum Restart Timer Frequency to Avoid Audible Noise  Maximum Switching Frequency Clamp Brownout Protection with Soft Recovery Non-Latching OVP on FB Pin and Second-Level Latching Protection on OVP Pin Open-Feedback Protection Over-Current and Power-Limit Protection for Each Phase  Low Startup Current: 80µA Typical Works with DC input or 50Hz to 400Hz AC Input

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