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ON Semiconductor AND9923-D | Demoboard FAN63900MPX

FAN6390 Highly Integrated Secondary-Side Adaptive USB Type-C Charging Controller with USB-PD


TopologyOther Topology
Input voltage40-265 V
Output 19 V
IC revision1


  • USB Type−C Rev 1.3 Compatible
  • Support up to 60 W Output Power
  • Constant Voltage (CV) and Constant Current (CC) Regulation with Two Operational Amplifiers of Open−Drain Type for Dual−Loop CV/CC Control
  • Charge Pump Circuit to Enhance SR Driving Voltage for High Efficiency
  • Small Current Sensing Resistor (5 m_) for High Efficiency
  • N−Channel Back to Back MOSFET Control as a Load Switch
  • Built−in Output Capacitor Bleeding Function for Fast Discharging
  • Precise Voltage & Current Control for Minimum Step Size Via 10−bit DAC
  • 10−bit ADC for Monitoring Voltage, Current and Temperature
  • Auto Re−start Protection Mode Option to Disable Load Switch for 2 Seconds
  • Support Protections: Output Over−Voltage Protection, Under−Voltage Protection, External Over Temperature Protection via NTC, Internal Over Temperature Protection, Cable Fault Protection and CC Lines Over Voltage Protection

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