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Many Uses, Many Possibilities

At Würth Elektronik, you not only receive components, but also support for all aspects of your applications. Which products are required? What must be considered with regard to EMC and layout decisions?

The Application Guide offers you suitable components for your application, with the IC Reference Design Search developers can quickly find the Würth Elektronik components recommended by the IC manufacturer and the REDEXPERT design software facilitates the design-in of components.

In addition, on these pages we present interesting and new technologies on the market and explain important insights.

The Right Components for Your Application

Application Guide

Useful Tips on EMC and Layout

The Right Components for Your Application

Application Guide

Useful Tips on EMC and Layout

From the application to the right component. The easy-to-use tool offers the most common switching regulator and interface topologies for example buck converters, CAN or Ethernet interfaces and an overview of which components are required. In addition, entire industries such as home appliances are presented. With the help of clear and deliberately simple schematic representations, the user very quickly gets an overview of the structure of the application and the appropriate product range. 

Simply select the topology or industry and off you go.

Application Guide auf dem Computer
Red and black ac power tool less 1kW

Power Tools

Power Tools

Our Product Portfolio for Power Tools at a Glance: From the Charger to the Battery Pack to AC and DC Power Tools

Always One Step Ahead

IC Reference Design Search

Würth Elektronik Components Recommended by the IC Manufacturer

With just a few clicks, developers can find the Würth Elektronik components recommended by the IC manufacturer for a fast and reliable development of their product.

A total of over 25,000 Würth Elektronik components are referenced by leading semiconductor manufacturers such as Analog Devices, Infineon Technologies, Maxim Integrated, Microchip Technology, NXP, ON Semiconductor, STMicroelectronics and Texas Instruments.


The Online Platform for Easier Component Selection

Component Selection, Simulation and Design

REDEXPERT is Würth Elektronik's online platform for easy component selection, simulation and design. It allows you to easily filter on many technical product details, view and inspect the product performance in charts. This reduces the amount of components quickly to find the best suitable part, for your application and conditions.

You can go so far as, for example, simulate your inductor losses for your DC-DC converter type. You can even design your EMI filter and get recommended parts directly from your input requirements.

Visualization of the REDEXPERT simulation software