08. December 2022

Automotive-Qualified High Frequency Inductors with Tight Tolerances

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There is a box that is named Design Kit

Würth Elektronik introduces its WE-MCI multilayer ceramic inductors

Waldenburg (Germany), December 8, 2022—Würth Elektronik now offers WE-MCI—a series of high-frequency inductors boasting a wide range of values: The 0402 package covers inductance values from 1 to 270 nH, while the WE-MCIs in a 0603 package range from 1 to 470 nH. A special feature of these automotive-approved components is their unusually tight tolerances of ±5% or ±0.3 nH for those models below 5.6 nH.

AEC-Q200 qualified, with an operating temperature range -55 to +125°C, the SMT mountable components are suitable for applications in infotainment, keyless access systems, Bluetooth and filter circuits, to name but a few. The WE-MCIs are provided with polarity markings on both sides for improved production control.

Important service for developers

Design kits are available for both inductor package types, so components with the right values are always at hand. Würth Elektronik will always replenish these design kits free of charge.