13. October 2022

Interference-free data transmission in the automobile

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WE-CNSA von oben und von unten

Würth Elektronik presents current-compensated data line filter WE-CNSA

Waldenburg (Germany), October 13, 2022— Würth Elektronik presents WE-CNSA, an AEC-Q200 qualified common mode choke for automotive applications. The SMT component, which is only two millimeters long and 1.2 millimeter high, is available in six versions with different inductance and impedance values.

WE-CNSA provides signal integrity in many applications such as automotive infotainment and communications via FlexRay, IEEE 1394 (Firewire), LVDS or USB 2.0 and 3.0. The 0805 device features low resistance and a bifilar winding, meaning the two data lines run in parallel around the core. This symmetry improves the suppression of common-mode noise that can couple into data lines.

EMC specialist Würth Elektronik is now offering the filter, which achieves high common-mode noise suppression at high frequencies, from stock and is providing free samples to developers.