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Oscillating Crystal on Circuit Board

All About Oscillating Crystals - The Basics

The Basics

Pulse Oximeter

Seeing Through the Skin

Remote controls, light barriers – that is nothing new. Is it?

Table with keyboard and computer in a room with a bunch of pointy gray structures coming from the walls

What is EMC? Basic knowledge of electromagnetic compatibility

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

Devices under UV LED disinfection light

Using UV LEDs for Disinfection

Safety with UV-C

Digital representation of online database

Würth Elektronik Libraries Installed Directly in LTspice

Always Available

Printed Circuit Board with plant symbol

What does RoHS stand for again?

Background information to the RoHS directive

Ethernet cables plugged into server

Ethernet for Harsh Industrial Applications Requires Special Connectors

Industry 4.0, Smart Factory and IoT

Auxiliary Gate Driver WE-AGDT

How to Design Gate Drivers for SiC MOSFETs

And what is there to consider?

Close up of audio mixer board

DIP Switches Hold the Code

Deep Dive on Upright DIP Switches

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One Sample Order = One Tree Planted

Reforestation all over the world