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MEMS based sensors from Würth Elektronik

Keep it simple! Sense with MEMS.

MEMS Sensor Portfolio & Customer Service

Sensors are an integral part of every future application. Measuring temperature, humidity, pressure or acceleration has never been easier. Take advantage of services like our Software Development Kit and Evaluation Boards available off-the-shelf. Detailed documentations as well as the direct support by trained engineers will leave no questions open.

With excellent measuring accuracy and long-term stability, the sensors provide high precision and accurate output values with intelligent on-chip interrupt functions.

Combine sensors and wireless connectivity - start your IoT application today!

MEMS sensors

In a microcontroller the typical semiconductor can only control current and voltages. In a Micro-Electro-Mechanical-System (MEMS), additional mechanical structures are used. This means that three-dimensional structures are usually added to the starting material silicon by etching processes. This allows the design of membranes (WSEN-PADS) or movable finger structures (WSEN-ITDS).

Block Diagram

The best way to explain the function of MEMS sensors is a block diagram. The biggest difference to conventional (analog) sensors is that not only the actual measuring cell but also the complete processing can be integrated to achieve a very small sensor system. This eliminates any analog data processing on application level and a digital signal can be used directly by a microcontroller. Since a complete system is combined in one component, a complete factory calibration is also possible.