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WP-TGTR REDCUBE PRESS-FIT two-part, ground terminal


  • Using the Press-Fit Elements, currents of up to approx. 300A can be transferred to the PCB.
General Information
Operating Temperature-55 up to +150 °C
Packaging Properties

Application Notes

REDCUBE Terminals - Innovative High Power Contacts

REDCUBE Terminals - 4power!

REDCUBE terminals are the most reliable high-power contacts on the PCB level. Low contact resistance guarantees minimum self-heating. Four different designs cover all leading processing technologies and offer a wide range of applications.


  • Flexibility in processing and connection technologies
  • Highest current ratings up to 500 A
  • Board-to-Board and Wire-to-Board solutions
  • Extremely low self-heating
  • Robust mechanical connection

Applications, Performance & Press-Fit Process


The current rating of REDCUBE PRESS-FIT is impressive. With the same ampacity, REDCUBE PRESS-FIT has the lowest heat development compared to other parts that supply power for PCBs.

  • High current Wire-to-Board & Board-to-Board
  • Mounting of copper bars
  • Angled assembling of cable, PCB and housing
  • Mounting of IGBT modules

Remarkable Performance

With the lowest Failure-In-Time value, REDCUBE PRESS-FIT is the most reliable technology on PCB. The FIT value is up to 30 times better than that of a SMD solder joint. REDCUBE PRESS-FIT is suitable for two-side mounting and allows very compact design of modules.

  • Simple & quick processing
  • No cold solder joints
  • High process safety
  • Low self heating
  • Two-sided mounting of PCBs


Pressing the pins into the PCB, a high friction between pin and plated through-hole generates a homogeneous cold-welding between materials. No other technology transfers power up to 500 A at this low heat development.

  • Homogeneous material transition between pin and through-hole plating
  • Contact resistance less than 200 μΩ
  • Gastight electrical and mechanical connection
  • Extremely strong mechanical connection


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