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Reference Guide ABC der Power Module Deutsch

Functionality, Structure and Handling of a Power Module - 1st Edition Order Code 744014


  • "Abc of Power Modules - functionality, structure and handling of a Power Module" is the first practice-oriented technical book that deals specifically with the use of components for DC voltage regulation. The book teaches the basics of voltage regulation and explains commonly used circuit topologies. The mechanical design of a power module is explained, as well as its influence on EMC and thermal management. The "Abc of Power Modules" provides numerous practical tips on layout, control and circuitry issues and describes storage and handling as well as the manufacturing and soldering process. Another chapter is devoted to the measurement procedures required to obtain meaningful results for the evaluation of power modules. It concludes with a guide to selecting a module based on important parameters and criteria.
  • Language: German
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Content of the Reference Guide:

  • Basics: This chapter describes the need of a DC/DC voltage converter and its basic functionality. Furthermore, various possibilities for realizing a voltage regulator are presented and the essential advantages of a power module are mentioned.
  • Circuit Topologies: Circuit concepts, buck and boost topologies very frequently used with power modules are explained in detail and further circuit topologies are introduced.
  • Technology, Construction and Regulation: The mechanical construction of a power module is presented, which has a significant influence on EMC and thermal performance. Furthermore, control methods are explained and circuit design tips are provided in this chapter.
  • Measuring Methods: Meaningful measurement results are absolutely necessary to assess a power module. The relevant measurement points and measurement methods are described in this chapter.
  • Handling: The aspects of storage and handling of power modules are explained, as well as their manufacturing and soldering processes.
  • Selection of a Power Module: Important parameters and criteria for the optimal selection of a power module are presented in this section.

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