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ABC of Capacitors German

Basic Principles, Characteristics and Capacitor Types - 1st Edition Order Code 744012


  • The Design Guide provides an introduction to capacitor technology and describes the variety of capacitor types with properties and characteristics. The book can be used as an introduction for beginners or for refreshing and deepening knowledge about capacitors and their use in assemblies.
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  • Language: German

Content of the Reference Guide:

  • Basic principles: This chapter imparts basic knowledge on the relationships between the electric field, permittivity, as well as the structure and operating principles of a capacitor.
  • Capacitor characteristics: The electrical parameters and essential characteristics of a capacitor are explained in greater detail for the reader. This extends from the actual capacitance of a capacitor through to the interdependencies.
  • Capacitor types: Existing capacitor types and their characteristics are presented. Film, electrolyte and ceramic capacitors are considered in detail.
  • You will find reading samples at the end of this page

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