Webinar Würth Elektronik PCBs: "Webinar: "Miniaturization, function, reliability: DEVICE.embedding physical PCB sample WE.embed!"

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LET THERE BE LIGHT! Dive into the fascinating world of miniaturization of printed circuit boards with embedded active and passive components. The efficient use of ever smaller housing volumes and tiny surfaces is becoming increasingly important. Embedding technology is the proven solution to these challenges.

Find out more about the advantages and possibilities of embedding technologies using the case study of our physical PCB sample WE.embed. Plagiarism protection and improved protection against environmental influences are included free of charge.

In our webinar we will offer you insights into:

  • our WE.embed physical PCB sample and what you can learn from it
  • the advantages of DEVICE.embedding technology
  • the current standards of embedding technology and their application


Webinar presentation

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