Webinar Würth Elektronik PCBs: BASIC Design Rules - Layout according to the WE parameters and the PCB fits

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In 2013, our first Würth Elektronik webinar was broadcasted. This made us the first PCB manufacturer to offer this service. Since then, we have hosted and recorded 170 webinars with over 7,200 participants. To celebrate our anniversary, we wanted to know from you which topics are most important to you as a 2023 update.
The first of your top 3 webinars, originally offered in May 2013, is more relevant than ever. Recently, the Würth Elektronik BASIC Design Rules have been revised and restructured. Did you know, for example, that for PCB manufacturing processes, the parameter "conductor width" is quite insignificant?

The webinar is interesting for purchasing, developers and students.

In this webinar you will learn more about

  • BASIC and standard - what is the difference?
  • BASIC Design Rules - the current status
  • IPC compliant copper thicknesses
  • Current soldermask parameters


Webinar recording

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