Wireless Power Coils WE-WPCC

Wireless Power Coils WE-WPCC WE-WPCC offer the best performance with highest Q-factor and lowest RDC values. Standardized coils, according to Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), and other off-the-shelf components from 50 mW to 200 W are available. Costumized solutions for wireless power coils up to 11 kW are possible. Therefore we offer the industry‘s broadest portfolio of wireless power transfer coils.

NEW! The Trilogy of Wireless Power Transfer

With the new book Trilogy of Wireless Power Transfer you get to know the basic brinciples of Wireless Power Transfer, WPT systems and Applications.

Würth Elektronik illustrates Wireless Power Transfer (WPT)

Technical Papers and Research and Development

Technical Papers

We are working on additional publications which will be released soon.

Research and Development

  • Bi-directional wireless power transfer in-band communication
  • Wireless power transfer and NFC communication in one system
  • Wireless Power Transfer systems at high power level up to 11kW
  • New coil designs based on superconducting wire for very high efficiency systems
  • New customized proprietary wireless power transfer solutions

Wireless Power 200 W Development Kit

Extended Medium Power Solution

Order now one of the first Wireless Power 200 W Development Kits, which we developed together with Infineon.

LCD Board for Wireless Power 200 W Development Kit

Würth Elektronik and Infineon jointly offer a complete and ready-to-use wireless power system. With the 200W Development Kit (760 308 EMP) and the add-on LCD Board (760 308 EMP LCD) you can discover the advantages of this technology for yourself and easily integrate it into your product design.

For more information please contact wirelesspower@we-online.com.

Cordless Kitchen Demonstration by Philips with Würth Elektronik Coils

Wireless Charging - It's Too Simple for Some

Wireless Power Transfer enables IIoT – WE cut the cord! (Battery World, 3.2.2021)