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IC-Hersteller Infineon Technologies

Infineon Technologies ICE3PCS01G | Demoboard EVAL_2.5KW_CCM_4PIN

Standalone Power Factor Correction (PFC) Controller in Continuous Conduction Mode (CCM)


Eingangsspannung85-265 V
Schaltfrequenz40-250 kHz
Ausgang 1400 V / 6.25 A


ICE3PCS01G is the new 14-pin wide input range ( 85VAC to 265VAC ) controller IC for active CCM power factor correction converter. Compared to the 1st and 2nd generation of ICE1PCS0x and ICE2PCS0x, the 3rd generation PFC have the lowest internal reference trimmed at 2.5V and integrated digital control voltage loop.They also have other advantages such as low peak current limit at 0.2V, adjustable gate switching frequency range from 21kHz to 250kHz and able to synchronise with external frequency range from 50kHz to 150kHz. They are now able to achieve 95% efficiency at full load for all input voltage range.


  • Ease of use with few external components
  • Average current control
  • Bulk voltage good signal for inrush relay control or PWM IC enabling
  • Integrated digital voltage loop compensation
  • External current compensation for greater user fexibility
  • Programmable switching (20kHZ-250kHz)
  • External synchronzation ( 50kHz~150kHz)
  • Direct sensing, input brown-out detection with hysteresis
  • Max. duty cycle of 95% (typ)
  • Trimmed internal reference voltage (2.5V +/-1.2%)
  • Vcc under-voltage lock-out
  • Low peak current limit threshold
  • Second over-voltage protection
  • Open loop detection
  • Output under-voltage detection
  • PFC enable function
  • Enhanced dynamic response
  • Fulfills class D spec. of IEC1000-3-2

Remarks:L1=2*3.9mH L2=750uH Refer EVM, Page no.9

Typische Anwendungen

  • •PC silverbox, Server PSU and industrial SMPS

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