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Easy and Fast Selection

Cable Confection Pool

Behind the cable confection pool are cable confectioners tested by Würth Elektronik: Experts in the processing of our connectors. Nationwide always close to you.

No matter whether for small, medium or large series: All cable assemblers have tools that guarantee a qualitatively flawless processing of our connectors.

We at Würth Elektronik will put you in touch with our assembly partners according to your request.

The Possibilities

Manual cable confectioning for:

  • Initial and release samples
  • Small batches
  • Solder, crimp and IDC connections

Fully automatic production

  • For medium & large production runs
  • High flexibility due to quick change tools

Semi automatic production for:

  • Small & medium production runs

Final inspection

  • Optical & mechanical tests
  • On request: 100% electrical final inspection

Other Services

Of course, our partner assemblers are also available to assist you with other services:

  • Cable processing (heat shrink tubing etc.)
  • Customized test assemblies
  • Assembly
  • Casting / molding