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Obsolescence Management with smartPCN

PCN Process

For Electrical and Electromechanical Components

Obsolescence management at Würth Elektronik already starts during the product creation of electronic and electromechanical components. When designing new products, we attach particular importance to product life cycles, well-engineered zero series as well as developmental configuration of production processes.

As an innovative company we also rely on new, further developed products which benefit customer application. The continuous development of products, materials and manufacturing techniques and processes is being noticed more often by customers. These product modifications are communicated via the longstanding, standardized PCN system (Product Change Notification). Based on the underlying JEDEC norms respectively our "more than you expect" principle, we by far exceed the standard of the regulation.

We know that it is vital for our customers not to terminate even a single product. We transfer products to other production lines, develop upgrade products and allow last-time buys. However, in some rare cases we are forced to discontinue products. We will inform about this using the PTN (Product Termination Notification). We take all possible actions to avoid such situations to retain the trust of our customers.

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Our service: smartPCN Tool

Benefits for Customers

Obsolescence within an active market - with focus on continuous development and new product designs - is not a sword of Damocles, but a challenge to shape the transition process as smoothly as possible for the customer by considering:

  • Process automation and simplification
  • Cost efficiency when addressing and implementing product change notifications.
  • Uniform PCN format for all customers
  • No big changes to the systems
  • Required data is automatically prepared in the SmartPCN document so that it can be easily transferred to the ERP system of the customer
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Würth Elektronik eiSos Supports the COG-D SMART PCN Standard for the Standardization of Product Change Notifications

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