21. April 2023

World Wide Webinars See Growth

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Würth Elektronik Webinars Receive Exclusive Partnership with Digi-Key Electronics

Watertown (USA), April 21, 2023 – For the fifth year in a row, Würth Elektronik is pleased to announce Digi-Key Electronics as the exclusive partner of their 2023 technical WEbinars.

"Our technical and educational webinars continue to see growth year after year. Though the world continues to hear the phrase ‘webinar fatigue,‘ we still see how successful and useful these online seminars are to so many people," says Amelia Thompson, Marketing & Communications Coordinator with Würth Elektronik. "The continued support from Digi-Key Electronics ensures the webinars remain free and on-demand for our entire audience, no matter their status or location.“

In 2022, the America’s webinar team welcomed their German counterparts to offer a wider, more multilingual set of presentations in conjunction with the help from Digi-Key Electronics.

"By creating this dynamic, global team, we are better able to reach a wider audience in English, German, Spanish, and Portuguese and we hope to include more languages in the future. Digi-Key’s worldwide presence also helps to reach those who might not know the immensity of what Würth Elektronik offers.“

In 2023, brand new topics will include Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS), automotive power, joint IC manufacturing topics, and others. Thompson is hopeful that the growing partnerships help to reach a variety of listeners, such as universities, incubators, start-ups, current customers, and more. 

Registration for all 2023 WEbinars is available at www.we-online.com/webinars.


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