12. October 2022
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FKI-Certified: “WoMen – WE lead together”

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Gruppenbild mit dem Zertifikat in der Hand

Würth Elektronik Receives Very Positive Ratings in the Women’s Career Index

Waldenburg (Germany), October 12, 2022—For the first time, Würth Elektronik eiSos GmbH & Co. KG has participated in the independent indexing by the Women’s Career Index (FKI). The positive results confirm the company’s concept including mixed teams at all levels and the targeted promotion of diversity and women’s careers.

Würth Elektronik has been driving an ambitious project forward for five years with the initiative “WoMen – WE lead together.” Here, women and men are to be equally represented at all management levels in the company.

Encouraging results for overall index and general conditions

Würth Elektronik was directly compared with other companies in German-speaking countries when the company was indexed by the Women’s Career Index (FKI). The FKI surveys isolated company values for women, leadership, and diversity, and examines the internal driving factors and initiatives for more women in leadership positions. The results of the certification are impressive, with an overall index of 73 points and an outstanding index score of 92 for the framework conditions, such as working hours, mission/vision, and transparency.

Economic advantages through equality

“As a company, we need to secure the brightest minds, no matter what body they sit on,” explains Tanja Hochschild, member of the management board at Würth Elektronik eiSos. “Studies show that diversity is not only a question of equity, but also brings tangible economic benefits. The result of the FKI certification is both confirmation and incentive for us. As part of the assessment, we also received many exciting ideas and suggestions of where we can focus even more in the future.”