21. December 2023
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The Würth Elektronik Brand Relaunch is WINNER of the German Brand Award

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The Würth Elektronik Group, based in the state of Baden-Württemberg, and DIE NECKARPRINZEN – the supporting communications and design agency from Heilbronn – are delighted about the successful brand relaunch. The umbrella brand relaunch has now received external affirmation with several awards, including this year's coveted WINNER of the German Brand Award.

The award was in the category 'Excellent Brands Industry, Machines & Engineering’. The team won the SPECIAL accolade in the German Brand Award category ‘Corporate Brand of the Year’.

As soon as the project was concluded in 2022, the work was honored with several specialist awards.

The relaunch of the image mark and corporate design illustrates how the electronics specialists, part of the Würth Group, have responded to enhanced functional requirements, for example by advancing digitalization and miniaturization. Würth Elektronik was also moved to update and optimize the brand image by its desire to strengthen the umbrella brand and to align it with user interests as far as possible.

The new trademark itself was intended to reflect the development and expansion of the entire group of companies by playing down the original symbolism.


Jörg Murawski, Executive Vice President of the Würth Group:

“I worked on the very first Würth Elektronik Group logo. With our relaunch, we stay true to our philosophy of pursuing pioneering strategies while combining customer proximity with quality and visionary thinking as well as strong corporate culture. Our adapted brand presence contains many of these aspirations.”

Thomas Schrott, Executive Vice President of the Würth Group:

“I see the new image as a strong statement from a strong brand. The awards honor the successful unity of brand identity and excellent communication design.”

Würth Elektronik Group – Brand Awards:

  • 2022
    German Agency Award in the category 'Corporate Design / Redesign’
  • 2022
    C²A Creative Communication Award – Honorable Mention 2022 in the category ‘Brand Design, Branding’
  • 2022
    German Design Award – Special Mention in the category 'Excellent Communications Design Brand Identity’
  • 2023
    German Brand Award – Winner in the category ‘Excellent Brand Industry, Machines & Engineering’
  • 2023
    German Brand Award – Special Mention in the category ‘Excellent Brands, Corporate Brand of the Year’