28. April 2022

MagI³C Power Module Suitable for 48 V Industrial Voltage Network

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fdsm_family_extension_74.5 versions

Würth Elektronik extends its MagI³C-FDSM family with 74.5 V versions

Würth Elektronik extends its MagI³C-FDSM power module product range: The fixed step-down regulator modules now cover all bus voltages from 12 V up to 48 V. The modules facilitate development for applications with direct connection to bus voltages of 12 V, 24 V or 48 V. The wide input voltage range up to 74.5 V makes the FDSM module robust against voltage transients on the 48 V bus. The new power modules are implemented in a cost-effective SIP-3 package and provide fixed output voltages of 3.3 V, 5.0 V as well as 12 V, with an output current up to 0.5 A.

The MagI³C-FDSM series are fully integrated DC/DC voltage converters with fixed output voltage. Besides the power stage, the modules consist of a regulator, inductor as well as input and output capacitors. The power modules are protected against short circuit and thermal overload. MagI³C-FDSM reduces the workload involved in circuit design to a minimum, as no external components are required for operation—this reduces development costs and time. For simple assembly, the MagI³C-FDSM family has been realized in a standard THT housing.

Pre-compliance testing of our evaluation board has shown the conducted and radiated EMI is below limits established by relevant standards. For more details please see our datasheet. All MagI³C-FDSM power module versions are available from stock. Free samples can be requested.