26. April 2022
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"Germany's most innovative companies": Four stars for the Würth Elektronik Group

The Würth Elektronik Group has once again received an award from the renowned trade magazine Capital: The organization received four stars in the category "Germany's Most Innovative Companies" in issue 3/2022. The award followed a survey of innovation experts.

The survey was conducted in the "Electronics & Electrical Engineering" section in collaboration with Statista. The magazine and the well-known information portal identified particularly forward-looking companies by random sampling among 3,600 innovation experts.

A total of 2,061 candidates were on the evaluation list of the monthly business magazine. They were subjected to a rigorous and objective judgment by the expert panel. Only 470 companies received four or five stars. A total of 20 sectors and companies of all sizes, all headquartered in Germany, were evaluated. The three areas of innovation were surveyed: Products and services, process innovations, and cultural and social innovations. A total of eight criteria were evaluated, for example "has launched a new and innovative product/service on the market for the first time," "has installed business processes that promote innovation," or "is taking innovative approaches to promoting employee satisfaction and motivation."

This is the third time the Würth Elektronik Group has been honored by Capital. The four-star rating is seen as both an award and an incentive. As a technology enabler, the company will continue to provide customers with the components they need for their innovations - from stock, in any quantities, without minimum order quantities.