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21. February 2023
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Würth Elektronik presenting to a classroom with young adults sitting in desks

The electronics sector requires skilled labor and Würth Elektronik recognizes its obligation to help train the next generation of electronics professionals. We provide our own training and support to those who have received training elsewhere. We keep in close contact and communications with colleges, universities, and technical educational institutions. The remarkable aspect of helping the future generation of electrical engineers is clear to anyone who has read one of our press reports on technology partnerships with Formula Student or Hyperloop teams.

Even though these initiatives are not in the spotlight, our commitment to developing young talent extends to much more. For instance, we provide free components and technical publications to educators and students. They can use our component libraries and the REDEXPERT online tools, as well as obtain DesignKITS for labs and LearningKITS for instruction. We are in close contact with professors. We ask teaching staff, and research assistants whether we may provide guest lectures that complement the curriculum and draw on our real-world expertise. We are happy that our lectures on topics like "Basics of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)", "USB 3.1C more than a connector... a solution," and "Introduction to Radio" are highly appreciated.

We are making great progress with our selection of guest lectures because we are now receiving requests for lectures on subjects we hadn't even considered. Like the time a technical schoolteacher asked us to talk about the technical sales profession based on our reputation of being a successful sales-driven business. He suggested that many students who major in electrical engineering or related fields of study often don’t even consider a job in this field as part of their career path. The sales workshop was sparked by this. For the past four years, it has been providing prospective engineers and technicians from various universities and technical colleges with an insight into this fascinating sector of work. The workshop is very popular.

We provide support and a qualified individual as a point of contact for various types of projects, not just Formula Student teams. Any student of course is welcome to get in touch with us. We enjoy continuing to learn about exciting ideas and concepts. A climbing wall for people with disabilities, whose climb was to be made easier by illuminated handholds, is a great example of a project that recently came to our attention. Here, we were given the opportunity to offer advice on the best LEDs to use and how to wirelessly link each individual hold. We are thrilled with the results.

We value collaborating with schools and universities, but of course we can't be everywhere. That is why we're happy to hear from students or teachers involved in studies like electrical engineering, mechatronics, or industrial engineering. We're always delighted to help bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Christian Kapusta, University Marketing says, "Listen up - Würth Elektronik has something to share with you."

Johanna Mattner, University Marketing, and Alexander Wölk, Young Talent, promoting Würth Elektronik as an employer.

Theory and practice are more aligned thanks to a guest lecture from Würth Elektronik.

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