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19. March 2024
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The automotive industry is undergoing a profound transformation, with electronic components playing a pivotal role in the shift towards electric vehicles (EVs) and increased vehicle electrification. Würth Elektronik is actively engaged in the design, technical support, production, and sales of automotive passive electronic components. 


What We Do 

Würth Elektronik's commitment extends to providing comprehensive solutions for the automotive sector. The company offers a diverse portfolio, including inductors, common mode chokes, transformers, and more. Their product range caters to the evolving needs of the automotive industry, ensuring that both customized solutions and standard off-the-shelf products are readily available. 


The automotive division, with a focus on customized solutions, is actively involved in the design and production of rod core chokes, common mode chokes, power inductors, and transformers. Notably, the transformer product offering has expanded to meet the rising electrification within vehicles. With the migration of battery systems to higher voltages, the demand for transformers and isolated products has become crucial for ensuring circuit and user safety. 


What We're Working On 

While the standard automotive Product Management team is handling various projects, the iBE group, particularly in customized automotive magnetics, is making significant contributions. The team is dedicated to designing and producing key components such as rod core chokes, common mode chokes, power inductors, and transformers. 


The recent focus on toroidal core-based transformers reflects the industry's need for components suitable for gate driver circuits, inverters, DC-DC power supplies, On-Board Charging (OBC), and Battery Management System (BMS) signal communication. As electrification continues to advance, Würth Elektronik is also gearing up to introduce bobbin wound transformer technology, enabling the company to service a broader range of transformer topologies. 


What Will We Have in the Future 

Anticipating the growing demands of the automotive market, Würth Elektronik is planning to expand its production capabilities to include bobbin wound transformer technology. This addition will facilitate the incorporation of Flyback, LLC, Half-Bridge, and Full-Bridge transformer topologies, addressing safety concerns related to increasing vehicle battery voltages and accommodating multiple outputs in a single package. 


Collaborating with experts like Jose Rocamora, the company is constantly exploring avenues for innovation and striving to bring cutting-edge solutions to the market in the coming years. 


Electric Vehicles: Changing the Game 

The rise of electric vehicles has been nothing short of revolutionary. To dispel the misconception that EVs are prohibitively expensive, it's essential to consider the remarkable cost reduction over the past 3-5 years. The average cost of an EV has substantially decreased, making these vehicles more accessible to a broader consumer base. 


The automotive market now offers a diverse array of EV makes and models, providing consumers with a range of options to suit their preferences and needs. The improvement in battery technology has significantly increased the driving range of EVs, with today's models boasting practical ranges of 300-400 miles on a single charge, a considerable improvement from the limitations of just a few years ago. 

In essence, the rapid advancements in EV technology are making these vehicles more affordable, efficient, and appealing to consumers. Würth Elektronik's components are integral to this transformation, contributing to the development and proliferation of cutting-edge automotive solutions. 


As the automotive industry continues to evolve, Würth Elektronik remains at the forefront, driving innovation and shaping the future of electric mobility. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on meeting the dynamic needs of the market, the company is poised to play a crucial role in the ongoing electrification revolution. 

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