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Evaluation Kits

for Wirepas modules with internal or external antenna

Evaluation Kits


EV-Kit Thetis-I

  • Create a free account at developer.wirepas.com to get extensive information and documentation on Wirepas.
  • Simple, ready-to-use and cost effective starter kit for Wirepas Mesh
  • The EV-Kit is equipped with our Thetis-I Wirepas Mesh module and includes a mini evaluation board, a USB radio stick and three sensor nodes.
  • Setup and operation of a Wirepas Mesh prototype network in few simple steps
  • All components of the EV-Kit (mini EV-board, USB radio stick, sensor nodes) can be purchased separately to enlarge the test network

Mini EV-Board Thetis-I

  • The Mini EV-Board is a simple evaluation board with the Wirepas Mesh module Thetis-I without any additional connectors and pinheaders assembly
  • Allows connection with a host microcontroller for application development

Sensor node Thetis-I

  • 31mm x 32mm battery-operated board including our WSEN-PADS pressure sensor and WSEN-HIDS humidity sensor
  • Sensor data are read by the radio module and automatically transferred into the mesh network

Proprietary PC Tool Wirepas Commander

  • Communication with the radio modules
  • Network configuration
  • Monitoring of sensor data

Wirepas Mesh documentation

Discover more about mesh network characteristics and implementation, as well as the benefits of Wirepas Mesh firmware here


Order Code Data­sheet Simu­lation Man­ual DownloadsDescriptionRadio Module Offer
PDF EV-Kit Thetis-I2611011021010
PDF Mini EV-Board Thetis-I2611011021010
PDF Sensor Node Thetis-I2611011021010
PDF Thetis-I USB radio stick2611011021010
Order Code Data­sheet Simu­lation
Order Code Data­sheet Simu­lation Man­ual DownloadsDescriptionRadio Module Offer


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