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07. March 2024

We Mill CSR Project Creates Livelihoods for Women in India

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Würth Elektronik India Pvt Ltd has been supporting a social business project in the southern Indian state of Karnataka together with a local NGO since 2019.  The aim is to enable women in rural areas of India to secure their own livelihoods through a sustainable livelihood model and to train them as entrepreneurs.

Extensive training enables them to produce and market products made from traditional grain varieties. Production focuses in particular on the ancient crop ragi. Thanks to its particularly rich nutrients and ingredients, finger millet forms a valuable basis of the Indian diet, and the project participants not only report increased recognition through the creation of this income opportunity. For example, they are able to finance their children's education and repairs to their homes.

They also contribute to the development of a regional, non-city-centered economy and an increase in ragi cultivation. The project is currently in the stabilization phase, increasing brand awareness, turnover and sales channels. The positive development is attracting attention. During a recent visit, the Economics Minister of Uttar Pradesh showed interest in multiplying the model within the northern Indian state.

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