Webinar Würth Elektronik PCBs: Fast, faster, high speed! Würth Elektronik physical PCB sample WE.speed!

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WE.speed - the name of our hand sample for high-speed applications says it all!

The world around us is getting faster and faster and electronic devices with WiFi 6, DDR5, PCIe or USB4 are coming onto the market. In many industrial applications, the proven FR4 material can still provide the necessary performance. However, modern interfaces such as storage connections or high-resolution video signals are pushing the standard PCB material to its limits. Therefore, adjustments in the design and manufacture of the PCB are necessary to achieve maximum performance with good signal integrity in the product. These adaptations will be presented in the webinar using the WE.speed physical PCB sample.

In our webinar we will offer you insights into:

  • our WE.speed physical PCB sample and what you can learn from it
  • various high-speed base materials
  • the modifications in the design and manufacture of printed circuit boards
  • typical applications from the fields of high-speed data processing and antenna technology


Webinar presentation

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