Webinar Würth Elektronik PCBs: "Miniaturization, mechatronics, microvia: SLIM.flex PCB sample WE.scope!"

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Dive into the fascinating world of miniaturization of printed circuit boards with partial vias.

Microvias that are combined with each other in different ways. When it comes to connecting all copper layers with only the adjacent copper layer using the smallest microvias, we speak of anylayer microvias.

Find out more about SLIM.flex, our anylayer microvia flex technology. Wherever small and ultra-small components are used, such as sensors in micro-packages, the ultra-thin SLIM.flex products impress thanks to the available standards and enormous robustness combined with maximum flexibility.

In our webinar we will offer you insights into:

  • our hand sample WE.scope and what you can learn from it
  • snake flex, signal integrity and integrated cable harnesses
  • the solder carrier option and detaching the assembled system
  • the advantages of SLIM.flex technology in terms of mechatronics
  • the current standards of SLIM.flex technology and their application


Webinar presentation

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