Definition of component heating of power inductors in switching regulators

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The heating of components is a central issue in any design. It is often the case that the heating of the application is kept as low as possible. Interpreting the values in the data sheet is often difficult because a detailed description of the measurement setup is often missing or only poorly described. In order to get more transparency in this topic Würth Elektronik eiSos has decided to define the heating on the basis of the standard IEC 62024-2-2020 from now on. Thus, in case of interest, it can be communicated in detail and transparently how the values are determined and defined.


In this webinar we show you:

  • Listing of all temperature data shown in the DB
  • How the nominal current is defined in the DB
  • Weak points of the nominal current definition and Redexpert (including AC losses)
  • Influential factors in the nominal current determination (board layout, measurement setup, test chamber, product design, etc...)
  • Description of the IEC standard including Class A to D
  • Determination of the WE on Class B as a reference with name performance nominal current
  • Very good transparency for the customer
  • Show/announce new model in Redexpert


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Presentation Definition of component heating of power inductors in switching regulators

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