Wireless Power Design Kit

NEW! Medium Power Solution, 15W

Würth Elektronik and ROHM Semiconductor developed a plug & play wireless power solution to demonstrate the advantages of wireless power. This gives you the opportunity to test and integrate a wireless power solution into your product design.

The Wireless Power Kit is now available. You can order it here.

The Wireless Power Kit provides these added values:

  • Plug & Play 15 W Wireless Power Design Kit
  • Meets the Qi Standard ot the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC)
  • Complete solution consisting of Tx, Rx and LED Load module
  • Flexible and modular approach for fast integration of wireless power in your product design


  • Smartphones, Tablets
  • Portable devices used in a clean area, where connectors pose a risk of polluting e.g. medical facilities and (industrial) clean rooms
  • Devices with a large number of mating cycles to avoid connector damage
  • Headsets
  • Portable media players

For more information please contact wirelesspower@we-online.com.

All ROHM Semiconductor reference designs containing Würth Elektronik parts can be found here.

Cordless Kitchen Demonstration by Philips with Würth Elektronik Coils

See how easy it is to charge your devices via wireless power.