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Design-In Support Power Modules
  • Product-related and application-specific support from the hotline
  • Support for problem solving and individual design creation
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Application Notes


Graphic filter for Power Modul
  • Solution for conducted & radiated emissions
  • Tested filter configurations for EN55032 /CISPR-32 class compliance with inductor & capacitor order codes
  • EMI filter EN55032 /CISPR-32 class B compliance
  • Real EMI behavior shown on REDEXPERT
  • Gain and phase response of EMI filter shown on REDEXPERT
Additional information

Application Notes

  • ANS004 - Input Filter for MagI³C Power Modules
  • ANS006 - Selecting and Designing with MagI3C Power Modules 

Detailed view of a power module reference design
  • Individual reviews of customer layouts
  • Reference layout included in every datasheet
Additional information

View of a temperature distribution of an application with power modules
  • Thermal behavior of power modules shown on REDEXPERT
  • Simulation of temperature distribution on the PCB
  • Module temperature versus PCB area
  • Interactive power loss chart on REDEXPERT

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