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Use the clearly arranged mix and match tool by selecting your receiver and transmitter in the table.

By clicking on the selected item you will be forwarded directly to our online simulation software REDEXPERT and get detailed information about the selected coil pair.

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Mix and Match Table Wireless Power Transfer

Mix and Match Table

Mix and Match Table

Use of the same WPT coil component on both Transmitter (TX) and Receiver (RX) sides is recommended, for optimum size matching and best efficiency. But device constraints often mean different WPT coil designs on TX and RX sides is necessary, and this table is a guide to compatible coils.

Note that this table is based on measurements using the methodology described in the Qi standard, with separation between the coils of 3.4 mm and no X–Y misalignment. Green of course means that power was transferred successfully under these conditions; an Amber combination could be considered for smaller separation. Other combinations could be considered for a proprietary WPT solution if Qi is not a requirement.