Customized connectors

WE Plus

Our Service for Your Connectors

In addition to a portfolio of more than 2,000 standard components, Würth Elektronik offers various options for tailoring the products to your specific requirements. Personalized modifications of connectors are available within a few days as a special service for small to medium quantities. 

Completely customer-specific solutions are possible in large numbers within a few weeks. In-house design, toolmaking and prototype construction ensure that all customer-specific requirements are met.

The Possibilities

A frontal view of a connector with custom inkjet printing

Individual printing of the connectors (coding, individual personalization...)

Image of a terminal block with customized color coding

Series 412B / 412MB / 413B adapted to your specifications

Components which are rolled up on a reel for automatic placement

Re-Reeling for small and medium series on small rolls.

Removing a pin from a connector

Coding and changing the pitch by removing pins

One three-pole and one two-pole connector which can be plugged together

Fast assembly of special pole numbers according to your requirements

One header which can be easily split

Cutting of single and double row pin headers

A connector with customized coding pins

Assembly of coding pins adapted to your specific requirements

Personalization Made Easy

Would you like to increase your production and / or the reliability of your prototypes and small series? Würth Elektronik offers you personalized modifications of the connectors off the shelf. Our service for you: Customized prototypes and small series available at any time. 

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