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Antenna Matching Support

Your Antenna Network Perfectly Matched

Tuning multilayer chip antennas can be a simple process when the basics of impedance measurement and matching are understood and a logical iterative process is followed.

Würth Elektronik not only offers the necessary components for a perfectly adapted antenna network, but also supports you with the design. Our RF design engineers support you with antenna adjustment and performance optimization during the design and test phase of your wireless application.

The WE-MCA multilayer-chip-antenna offers a very diverse portfolio of applications when it comes to wireless data transmission, including Bluetooth, ZigBee, GSM, NB-IoT and WLAN.

How Does the Antenna Adjustment Work?

With the help of the Smith diagram, the antenna impedance, consisting of resistive and reactive components, can be graphically represented.

In a perfectly matched antenna network, the impedance at the operating frequency of the antenna is in the middle of the Smith diagram and therefore 50 Ω. This can be achieved with the help of RF inductors and / or capacitors.

A pi network is particularly useful for this purpose as it can be used very flexibly to tune the antenna to 50 Ω from almost any other value.

Antenna matching circuit diagram

How We Support You

  • Placement and positioning of the antenna for best possible performance
  • Adaptation and optimization of your circuit
  • Improve antenna performance in your application
  • Wide range of single and dual band antenna as well as RF components
  • Measurement of reflection loss
  • Selection of various Ansys simulation models in the product catalog


  • The antenna should be placed separately from the rest of the circuitry and components
  • A pi-type matching circuit space (size 0402) should be kept clear in front of the antenna
  • The data sheet should be consulted for the correct spacing range of the antenna

There should be no ground plane under or above the antenna. For more information, see our application note WE-MCA Multilayer Chip Antenna Placement & Matching

For optimal support, we first need the schematics, circuit and frequency information. For a better service we also need some additional information and equipment from the customer:

  • Two fully populated PCBs (with all components soldered).
  • Housing/enclosure of the PCB/device
  • Operation/desired frequency band and other relevant information

This varies from application to application and depends on the complexity of the project. Generally, the process of antenna customization takes 2-3 weeks.

A frequency range of 400-6000 MHz is possible.