26. September 2023

The Application & Industry Guide for Finding Suitable Circuits and Components

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Würth Elektronik expands its Application Guide to include industry-specific applications

Waldenburg (Germany), September 26, 2023 – The Application Guide in the Würth Elektronik online catalog has been expanded and is now the Application & Industry Guide: the fields of household appliances, power tools and e-mobility industries are now represented. More are still to come. The manufacturer of electronic and electromechanical components is pushing ahead with its concept of using typical applications to help developers implement their designs and select suitable components. The web application presents a specially developed block diagram for each device, in which the suitable products from the Würth Elektronik portfolio can be found alongside the circuit diagram.

The new offering starts for the ‘household appliances’ industry with the four appliances - washing machines, coffee machines, refrigerators and stovetops. For the ‘e-mobility’ segment, these are light electric vehicles, charging stations and on-board chargers. The ‘Power Tools’ section is divided into the chapters ‘Battery Charger’, ‘Battery Pack’, ‘DC Power Tool’, ‘AC Power Tool < 1 kW’ and ‘AC Power Tool > 1 kW’.

The Industry Guide is intended to make it easier for developers to select suitable components. The idea behind it: Nobody needs to reinvent the buck converter, DC input filter or charging station. Together with design tools like REDEXPERT, IC reference designs, and numerous application notes, the Application & Industry Guide complements Würth Elektronik's range of service offerings. The offering started with the Application Guide, which provides application-related information options with detailed descriptions, circuit diagrams and product recommendations for the most important interfaces and switching controllers.

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